Educators and the PSU

The PSU provides advice and training for educators responsible for the professional competence and development of a doctor or dentist in training who has run into difficulty.

Supporting a trainee who is in difficulty is often a challenge and requires time. The relevant Training Programme Director (TPD) or their equivalent should be the first point of contact for advice and support. The TPD will be supported by the Head of School for the relevant specialty, and the Director of Medical Education (DME) of the Trust employing the trainee.

An educator who has identified that one of their trainees has significant problems is advised to:

  • keep accurate training records
  • enlist the help of others in the department, and in the training programme, especially the TPD
  • if possible, create opportunities for personal observation of the trainee.

PSU resources for working with a trainee in difficulty

See our Resources section for useful downloads, including the Health Education Thames Valley (Oxford Deanery) Protocol for Supporting Doctors in Training

How to refer

Coaching/mentoring - what the PSU can offer

What to expect from the PSU includes more detailed guidance on the sort of information the PSU will need a trainer to collate in order to work with the PSU

Writing a formal report gives guidance on how to write a formal report on trainee performance, which may be needed if the GMC, GDC, or courts become involved.

External resources for educators