Writing a formal trainer report on trainee performance

The guidance below is intended for use if a trainer needs to write a formal report on a trainee, for example if there is a referral to the GMC or GDC, or if the courts are involved.

If you want guidance on writing a simple report to brief the PSU before it becomes involved with a trainee difficulty, click here.

Formal report: main headings and content

  • Background-summarized CV and achievements
  • Context -personal circumstances and career aspirations
  • Information about current job-dates and work arrangements
  • Overview of educational progress:
    • Milestones and achievements
    • Learning style preferences
    • Educational aspirations
    • Strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Overview of issues discussed. Each issue should be recorded, giving:
    • Description
    • Evidence
    • Relation to criteria for satisfactory completion:
      • Issues of health should relate to the effect on performance, and time off sick allowed before additional training required.
      • Isolated issues of conduct are dealt with by disciplinary procedures of Trust and may have implications for satisfactory completion of training or referral to GMC.
  • Agreed reflections on why problems have occurred
  • Plans
    • Targeted Personal Development Plan
    • Monitoring arrangements
    • Clarity over the roles and responsibility of the trainer and trainee
    • Date for review (normally about 6 weeks)
    • Implications for satisfactory completion of training
    • Agreed collaboration with others
Obtain permission to share the report with specific people. Confidentiality is paramount and shared on a need to know basis but consideration should be given to the benefits of sharing the report with key members of the department, particularly those helping in any re-training.