What trainees can expect from PSU coaching/mentoring 

When is coaching/mentoring needed?

It is not uncommon for doctors and dentists in training to have difficulty demonstrating the required competencies to progress to the next stage in their training. Sometimes this is because of exam failure and sometimes because of performance at work which does not reach the level expected for their stage in training.

What PSU coaching/mentoring involves

A trainee who self-refers or is referred to the PSU by their educational supervisor or medical director will be allocated a PSU coach/mentor. All PSU coach/mentors are experienced consultants or GPs.

The PSU coach/mentor's first duty is to the trainee. They will want to fully understand what has been happening for the trainee and especially whether there are any particular factors contributing to their current situation. How has the trainee performed in previous jobs?  Is their work being affected by personal circumstances, eg a long commute to work, or changed family responsibilities? What are their longterm hopes and plans?

If the trainee has self-referred their work with the PSU is confidential. Where a trainee has been referred, the coach/mentor will contact the educator who made the referral and will seek to work with both the trainee and their supervisors to help the trainee progress.

The PSU coaching/mentoring contract

The trainee will be expected to sign our coaching/mentoring contract . This spells out  the practicalities and expectations on both sides for the work to proceed.

The PSU encourages trainees to see a referral as an opportunity for some really dedicated self-development work with an empathic coach/mentor.

You can find the appropriate referral forms here