PSU coaching/mentoring for established doctors and dentists

How do I access coaching/mentoring?

Established doctors and dentists may refer themselves to the PSU for coaching/mentoring or be referred to the PSU by their employer, usually an Acute Trust or PCT.

The doctor or dentist will then have a PSU coach/mentor allocated, who will meet the individual to help them address their difficulties, using a supportive and empathic approach. Often just having the chance to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes can help the individual find a way forward. Our coaching/mentoring contract lays out the practicalities and expectations on both sides for this joint work to proceed.   

Where concerns have already been documented

Where the employer has already investigated concerns it is essential that the doctor or dentist in difficulty provides a copy of any reports in confidence to the PSU coach/mentor, so that all concerns can be addressed.

Some doctors will come to the PSU with a full assessment by the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS),  the General Medical Council (GMC) or General Dental Council (GDC) and the recommendations from these reports will form the basis of discussions with the PSU coach.

Developing an effective plan to deal with any difficulties depends on real understanding of the documented concerns. PSU coaching/mentoring focuses on the reasons why difficulties have occurred and any possible contributory factors, against the background of the individual's previous experience and personality.


Occasionally employers refer doctors and dentists to the PSU to help them re-establish their career after a period of ill health.


The PSU is only funded for trainees, so work with established doctors and dentists is charged to either the employer or the individual.

You can find the appropriate referral forms here