The PASS Scheme for dentists

The PASS programme has been developed by the Local Dental Committees of Bucks, Berks and Oxon, with support from Primary Care Trusts in the three counties and with the approval of local GDPs.


  • The early identification of dental practitioners whose performance may be giving cause for concern.
  • To provide dental practitioners with skilled help, support and guidance.
  • To provide assurance to the public, politicians and the profession that the issue of performance is being addressed responsibly.

The PASS Group consists of professional, dental public health, and lay members, all of whom operate under a Code of Conduct and follow Caldecott guidelines on confidentiality.


  • A dental practitioner may refer themselves to the PASS Group if they feel that they would benefit from support or assistance.
  • The Primary Care Trust may ask the PASS Group to offer support, after consideration by the PCT Concerns Group.
  • The CDPH or DPA may suggest PASS participation.
  • A concerned colleague or member of staff may contact the group.
  • Other bodies, eg the DPB of GDC might refer.

How the PASS group can help

  • The PASS Group may decide that no action is required.
  • The practitioner may be encouraged to work with members of the group to try  to resolve the issues of concern.
  • The issues may be such that it is not felt appropriate for the PASS Group to intervene. In these circumstances, the PASS Group will refer the matter back to the originator of the referral so that alternative action can be taken.

Contacting the PASS group

If you would like independent advice about referring a colleague or yourself to the PASS Group, please telephone, in complete confidence, one of the following:
Alison Lockyer   01162 848966
Paul Semus       01494 868620