Coaching/mentoring for dentists

The PSU is pleased to work with trainee and established dentists from across the Oxford Deanery area (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire), whether they self-refer or are referred by an educator or PCT. Our approach and processes are the same as when we work with doctors. Established dentists will be charged for PSU services. 

Other types of support

Trainees in the Oxford Deanery part of the Dental School can also access:

Trainees in the Wessex part of the Dental School, ie in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, should contact their Training Programme Directors for help.

Established dentists in the Oxford Deanery area who experiencing difficulties at work can also contact:

  • the secretary of their Local Dental Committee for general advice and may be recommended to to contact the PASS scheme organisers - details
  • the Dental School Dean for a free consultative session, after which sessions are charged at the BDA Guild rate
  • the Dentists' Health Support Programme on 020 7224 4671.