How the PSU can help with health related issues

About a third of doctors and dentists coming to the PSU have a relevant health related issue.

Whilst most PSU coach/mentors are doctors, they have no role in managing their client’s health issues, making diagnoses, or making judgements about the effect of any health problems, for example on work performance.

The role of the PSU coach/mentor is to:

  • discuss the support already in place
  • direct their client to relevant services
  • encourage them to see their GP, and Medic Support as appropriate
  • help a client to think through the impact of their illness on their career choices

Personal coaching support for individuals with health issues needs to be well-informed by expert medical advice about how your condition affects, and is affected by, your work.

We believe the best way to get this expert advice is by a combination of inputs from -

  • your own GP
  • any specialists looking after you, and
  • an occupational health physician experienced in working with doctors.