Making medical career choices

Probably the biggest decision you'll make is about which specialty to choose - whether that means starting with core training or opting for a run-through specialty.

More on specialties.

See our NEW career resources for 2016 specialty selection. 

Workshops for Foundation doctors in Oxford Deanery:

All Foundation doctors in Oxford Deanery have the opportunity to attend a free interactive local workshop:

  • Medic Careers I career management workshop in F1:  Your Career - Thinking Ahead
  • Medic Careers II career management workshop in F2:  Your Career - Preparing for Specialty Selection

These workshops will give you up to date information on the specialty selection process, and help you think about what you have to offer as a potential employee, as well as how to make yourself stand out at interview. During the workshops you will be using career management tools relevant to the whole of your medical career, based on a four-stage model for decision-making:

  • self assessment
  • reviewing options
  • action plan
  • implementation

PSU one-to-one help

The PSU can offer Oxford Deanery doctors career guidance - available if you have tried other routes for career help and still have a difficult dilemma. This is available free to doctors in training, whatever their grade.

Online career resources:

If you want to train abroad or take time out to work abroad

  • If you want time abroad to count towards your training it is essential that you that you obtain prospective approval from the  GMC before you go. Talk to your educational supervisor and programme director and check the date by which you must submit a request to work abroad to your Foundation School or Deanery.
  • Taking a year out between Foundation and starting in specialty is a popular choice. You'll need to be available to return to the UK for selection events - eg sitting a machine-markable test and attending interviews and assessments, so keeping a check on dates is vital.

Considering a major career change?