Personal career guidance

Doctors and dentists who need more expert career help than is available using standard career advice routes can apply for personal career guidance if they live or work in the Health Education Thames Valley PGMDE (Oxford Deanery) area. This help is free to doctors and dentists in training in PGMDE posts or programmes within the Thames Valley. Doctors and dentists who are no longer in a training post are charged for PSU services.

We offer a coaching style of support, helping individuals to find their own answers: we do not give advice to choose one direction or another.  

The PSU can help:

  • Foundation trainees who are concerned about which specialty to choose
  • Specialty trainees who feel they may be in the wrong specialty
  • Senior trainees preparing for an application to be a consultant, if they have a career dilemma.
  • Doctors and dentists not in training who are dissatisfied with their job or want to change specialty or career
  • Doctors and dentists who have to make adjustments to their career because of personal circumstances or the development of health or disability problems.

What to do if you feel you need personal career guidance:

Other types of career help available:

  • The PSU runs  two free MedicCareers workshops on career decision-making for all Foundation Year 1 and Year 2 doctors in the Oxford Foundation School, in each of the education centres
  • Practitioners wishing to resume work after a career break should contact the relevant Oxford Deanery head of school
  • Doctors and dentists can apply to the PSU for coaching/mentoring, rather than career guidance, if they feel they are performing below their usual level. Usually the referral should be made jointly with their Training Programme Director, or Responsible Officer, so that the necessary feedback on their performance is available to the coach/mentor.
  •  Other support for dentists.