Anneliese Guerin-Le Tendre

I am a Professional Development coach and consultant, with specialist skills in interpersonal and intercultural communications. My first career was in Education; I trained as a Modern Languages teacher and taught for twenty years in comprehensive schools, during which time I also gained extensive management experience. I then spent four years in Paris, again in a management role, where I worked mainly with business clients, one-to-one coaching and designing and delivering workshops on various aspects of communication in the workplace.

My experiences of living in France (and Canada) have given me a personal and professional insight into the cultural issues involved in living and working in a different country, although the extensive range of my work focuses as much on the interface between personal, organisational, and professional culture, as on the differences and synergies between national cultures.

When I returned to the UK, I completed Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication with International Business, followed by a Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring; I then founded my own company, Dialogue Links. At the same time I accepted a post as Associate Tutor at the University of Surrey, where I am also a staff mentor.

I have worked in a wide range of organisations from the public and private sectors, accompanying decision-makers as they achieve their professional objectives: resolving communication challenges, and addressing leadership and organisational dilemmas. My guiding passion is empowering clients to communicate with personal authority, authenticity, presence, and impact.

I have a particular commitment to – and affection for – my work in the NHS; I was therefore delighted to be invited to join the CDU in 2010. I see the focus of my work as accompanying my clients to achieve the practical communication skills and confidence which will enable them to adapt quickly to new contexts, manage uncertainty and respond to change with resilience.

As part of my own professional development and commitment to life-long learning, I am a founder member of the Surrey-based 'Leadership' Action Learning set, and an active member of the Guildford Coaches' Association.