Melinda Lawler

Melinda Lawler is a Communication and Vocal Skills Coach. She works with the CDU team to enhance and develop communication skills in doctors. She is also Head of Speech and Drama at the London Academy of Media, Film and TV where she specialises in vocal performance. She consults for the BBC and has trained the television continuity announcers at BBC1 and BBC2. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Melinda is a keen advocate of both CBT and MBCT and uses a holistic approach to her communication training. She believes that everyone can speak effectively and works with underlying issues of anxiety and self doubt to remove barriers that prevent fluid communication. She believes that making positive emotional and mental connections with colleagues is the start of establishing a strong professional persona and that this can be learnt. She uses formal vocal techniques in breathing, delivery, clarity and pronunciation to develop new behavioural traits that build rapport, assertiveness and competent leadership.