Dr Suri Dhanoa

I graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1982 and having completed house jobs embarked on vocational training in Kent. Quite by chance, while I was on the GP retainer scheme during my first maternity break, an opportunity came up in Ophthalmology in Maidstone. I grabbed it thinking it would be perfect combination as my special interest while working in general practice. As luck would have it I loved Ophthalmology and have not looked back since! Another chance comment during my appraisal in 2000 opened the door to mentoring and coaching.

My initial training in mentoring was with Egan's Skilled Helper Model in 2001. I began my mentoring practice using this model and have kept up my skills by attending regular refresher sessions. I have been invited to facilitate and present at subsequent courses for clinicians in Northampton General Hospital, clinicians in Liverpool and medical students in Leicester University. In 2006 I completed the Primary Certificate in Mentoring (Cygnus Mentoring) and in 2010 I completed the Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring (Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring).

Looking back I realise that I have benefited greatly from meeting my 'mentors' by chance rather than by design. Working with the CDU I look forward to having the opportunity to give back to the medical community and help individuals realise their full potential.